Lumador is a custom photographic rental house that provides services far beyond your typical brick and mortar storefront and its set hours. We're a one stop shop for anything photographic.

Lumador will provide you with grip and lighting, production supplies, expendables, crew, vehicles, logistical support or just plain anything reasonable (possibly some not). Let us make things happen for you, so that you can focus on your shoot. We've worked for many years at the highest levels of the competitive worlds of commercial, advertising, celebrity and fashion photography. Lumador offers our signature lighting TRUCK package based on our experience in the field so that you can simplify your production with the assurance that you have everything, wherever you may go.

We guarantee your production will benefit from having the Lumador lighting TRUCK on set. Lumador is committed in providing you with the highest level of service while earning your repeat business. We look forward to sharing our lighting truck and comprehensive range of services with you.